Oct 08, 2021


“Out with the Old, In with the New”.

This is basically what all renovations and fit outs consist of. We rip out the old fixtures and fittings from a space and bring in new and appealing fixtures. More than often, the clients tend to overlook the amount of waste that gets generated in the process of demolition. In 2019-2020 about 12,546,000 tonnes of waste was generated from construction activities. That constitutes more than 57% of total waste generated in NSW.

In 2017, we put in place an Environmental Management Policy and changed the way we treat waste generated from our work sites. Just recently, we have been engaged by The University of Sydney for a minor Fitout project which involves converting an Office Space to a Workshop. This involves removal of following:

  • Removal of office furniture.
  • Removal of Ceiling finishes.
  • Removal of floor finishes.
  • Removal of E-Waste.
  • Removal of built in furniture.

We have been successful in actively recycling 96% of all waste coming out from this project. All the office furniture redirected for second hand use, ceiling finishes sent for gypsum recycling, floor finishes redirected for second hand use, all E-Waste sent to recycling facility and all built in furniture re-used as site enabling works.